Electronic Medical Billing and Full Practice Management



AmeriTek Medical Billing Services is proud to announce its availability to provide electronic medical billing and practice management services to local area physicians and other health care providers. I, Jeri Newbold, a Certified Reimbursement Professional and President of AmeriTek Inc, am aware health care providers are drowning in a sea of ‘red tape’ and paperwork imposed upon them by the insurance industry that is tying up their valuable time, delaying their reimbursements and hurting their cash flow unnecessarily. We are the solution to these problems.

At AmeriTek, we believe one of the solutions is electronic claims processing. Many health care providers routinely file their Medicare claims electronically, but most still file their claims to commercial insurance carriers manually on paper forms through the mail. These commercial carriers represent the bulk of their business. This antiquated process results in significant delays, errors and, ultimately, denied claims that have a negative impact on the provider’s bottom line.” Statistics show through electronic claims processing and a comprehensive analysis of the procedure codes a dramatic improvement to cash flow and the financial well being of the practice. Reports also show claims processed by paper usually take anywhere from 45 days to as much as 90 days to be paid are routinely paid in 7 to 21 days on average when filed electronically.

AmeriTek's services range from just filing claims electronically all the way up to full practice management involving the posting of payments received from insurance companies, filing claims with secondary & tertiary insurance, if any, and billing patients for any remaining balance after insurance has paid its share. AmeriTek's services actually save the practice several dollars on each claim filed electronically when compared to manual filing and can prove this by running a computer analysis using the practice’s own figures. AmeriTek also offers its clients the benefit of monthly practice management reports that aid providers in making critical business decisions affecting the practice. In addition, AmeriTek offers, "Real time secure Internet access,” that allows you to access you practice A/R from any computer, anytime, anywhere. This will allow you to access data, view and print a variety of reports charts and graphs. Interested parties can contact AmeriTek Medical Billing Service, Inc by email at AmeriTek Medical Billing Service,Inc or by calling (360) 834-3691 or toll free (888) 467-2425 for more information.